Subject Details - Stage 2 Information Processing and Publishing

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SACE StageSACE Stage 2
SACE Credits20 credits
Curriculum AreaBusiness, Enterprise & Technology
Subject Length2 semesters
Contact PersonICT /Technology Coordinator
DescriptionInformation Processing and Publishing focuses on the choice, understanding and use of computer hardware and current software to undertake creative tasks, using desktop publishing skills and the correct layout of formal documents.
TopicsInformation Processing and Publishing aims to develop in students:
     The ability to select and use computer hardware and software to process information for effective visual communication in both text and graphic form.
     A knowledge of the hardware and software which support the processing, management and communication of information
     The ability to apply problem solving, critical thinking and decision making skills through using the design process
     Language, writing, and layout skills for the communication of ideas and information
     An awareness and understanding of current social, legal and ethical issues which relate to processing and communicating information.
AssessmentThere are three assessment components for Information Processing and Publishing:
     Practical skills 40%
     Issues Analysis 30 %
     Product and Documentation 30%
Relationship To Further StudyThis course provides students with skills useful for further study in all areas, employment personal use. Cross-accreditation for some TAFE subjects is possible, depending on final score.
PrerequisitesThis course is designed for students who have experience using computers or those continuing from year 11. It appeals to those who are creative and have an eye for design.
Special ConditionsMost work will use the school’s computer network facilities. Students will be expected to adopt appropriate awareness of WH&S (Work Health and Safety) issues and will need to be able to function as independent learners.