Subject Details - Stage 2 Computer Applications (Integrated Learning)

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SACE StageSACE Stage 2
SACE Credits20 credits
Curriculum AreaBusiness, Enterprise & Technology
Subject Length2 semesters
Contact PersonICT / Technology Coordinator
DescriptionThis course aims to develop the creative and discriminating uses of computers as tools for solving problems associated with real world problems. This program has been designed to engage the range of students by providing the opportunity to develop their knowledge/ interests in networks and animation, gaming using Multimedia Program like Adobe Flash CC. Students will create a range a of applications, simulations and two games using Actionscriprt 3.0.
TopicsUsing the Integrated Learning curriculum framework students will create applications for a client / purpose from their chosen Computer Application e.g. Flash CC .

Drawing Tools & Tweens
Creating Animations
Creating applications and Games

AssessmentStudents will be assessed on the critiquing, planning and production of individual or group Projects. This will consist of a number of summative written and project tasks, the production of a folio plus a variety of skills tasks to assess competency and practical understanding of knowledge and skills.

Assessment Types: -

Folio - 20%
Students will use structured tutorials to complete a short course in the basics of using Adobe Flash leading to the next task - animation and creating games with actionscript 3.0

Practical Skills Task - 30%

Students will learn the process of Flash animation by creating graphics and using graphic symbols, different layers with motion and classic tweens. They will be able to choose an object as simple or as complex as they feel suits their skill level. In the skills task students apply their skills to create the Multimedia Program to meet the objectives and outcomes of the design. Students will not get the coding for the program, they need to get the solution by themselves.

Group Project - 20%

In a group the students will research, design, create and critique a Flash game product suitable for children under 9 years of age. Students will hold planning meetings and allocate roles for the project as well as provide peer assessments for themselves and team members.

Major Project - 30%

Students will make a flash project/ game (shooting, puzzle, memory game) by applying their more practical application of Multimedia programming skills to meet the objectives and outcomes of a design, providing a more practical application of Multimedia Programming Skills. Students are to design and develop a multimedia program using Flash CS4 and Action Script 3.0.
Relationship To Further StudyThis course forms a useful background to further studies in Computer Applications and would equip students for entry to many courses at TAFE.

PrerequisitesIt is desirable but not essential for students to have successfully completed Year 11 Information Technology.

Special ConditionsStudents will use the school’s computer network facilities. Students will be expected to adopt appropriate behaviours in relation to OHS&W issues.