Subject Details - Stage 2 Physical Education

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SACE StageSACE Stage 2
SACE Credits20 credits
Curriculum AreaPhysical Education
Subject Length2 semesters
Contact PersonMr. Hieu Nguyen
DescriptionStudents will gain an in-depth understanding of human physiology and how it relates to physical performance. Students will integrate their theoretical understanding with their own practical performances across all topics covered. Analysis of personal and elite physical performances and how these can be enhanced is a central part of this engaging course.
TopicsSchool Assessment (70%)
· Assessment Type 1: Diagnostics (30%)
Students undertake two or three diagnostics tasks.They participate in one or more physical activities (sports, theme-based games, fitness and recreational activities) to collect, analyse, and evaluate evidence to demonstrate contextual application of knowledge and understanding of the focus areas and movement concepts and strategies. Students extend and apply skills in collecting reliable and ethical evidence, including the use of technology (e.g. apps and video analysis tools), existing data collection methods (e.g. standardised fitness tests, GPAI), and/or developing their own data-collection tools
· Assessment Type 2: Improvement Analysis (40%)
Students undertake one improvement analysis task. The improvement analysis task has two interconnected parts: Portfolio of evidence + evaluation. The portfolio of evidence is assessed by the teacher and feedback provided to the student before the student begins the evaluation.
Students undertake a personal journey of improvement with a focus on a school or community-based physical activity. They reflect on their performance to identify an aspect of physical activity for improvement. This may include a focus on physiological, biomechanical, and/or skill-development areas related to one or more movement concepts and/or movement strategies.
Students design and implement strategies, such as plans, programs, approaches, and/or tactics, to improve the identified aspect of physical activity.They collect evidence and/or feedback to monitor improvement and the effectiveness of the implemented strategies at regular intervals over a period of time. Students use this evidence and/or feedback to make modifications to the implemented strategies.
External Assessment (30%)
· Assessment Type 3: Group Dynamics (30%).
The purpose of this assessment type is to extend the focus of physical activity beyond the individual to investigate the impact that team members, individually and collectively, have on the participation and performance of others.
Students prepare for and participate in a competition in a selected sport, working collaboratively in groups comprised of their entire class, subsets of the class, or with other year levels, extracurricular teams, or local community sporting clubs.
Students undertake two roles within the team, demonstrating their value to the team and their learning in, through, and about the selected sport. They individually evaluate and justify the success of one or both of the roles they undertake within the team, and analyse the impact their roles have on the participation and performance of other team member(s).
AssessmentAssessment is SACE moderated:
School Assessed - Diagnostic (30%), Improvement Analysis (20%)
Externally Assessed - Group Dynamics (30%)
Relationship To Further StudyDiploma of Recreation TAFE, Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement) Uni SA, Bachelor of Education Flinders University.

- Physical Education Teacher
- Sports Coach
- Fitness Instructor or Personal Trainer
- Fitness centre manager
- Health/Fitness Consultant
- Exercise Physiologist
- Community Sports Director
- Activities Director
- Sports management
PrerequisitesDiploma of Recreation TAFE, Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement) Uni SA, Bachelor of Education Flinders University.
Special ConditionsAttending and participation in a three-day Aquatics instruction at West Lakes Aquatics Centre is a compulsory requirement of the course.

CostsCompulsory three-day Aquatics instruction at West Lakes Aquatics Centre $55 and the students Workbook which is also $60.