Subject Details - Stage 2 English as an Additional Language

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SACE StageSACE Stage 2
SACE Credits20 credits
Curriculum AreaEnglish
Subject Length2 semesters
Contact PersonMs. Jacqueline Marano
DescriptionStudents examine and analyse texts that they use and respond to in an English-speaking environment for social and academic purposes. They work independently and collaboratively, to solve problems by using contextual clues to predict and confirm the meaning of a text. They learn when and how to use a strategy such as asking questions to monitor their understanding of texts. Students undertake tasks within the following areas of study:
     Text Study
     Text Production
     Investigative Study

TopicsStudents are expected to:
1. understand and analyse how language and stylistic features are used to achieve different purposes
2. comprehend and evaluate information, ideas, and opinions presented in texts
3. analyse and evaluate personal, social, and/or cultural perspectives in texts
4. respond to information, ideas, and opinions, using sustained, persuasive, and effective communication
5. create extended oral, written, and multimodal texts appropriate to different purposes, audiences, and contexts.

AssessmentThe following assessment types enable students to demonstrate their learning.
School assessment (70%)
Assessment Type 1: Academic Literacy Study (30%)
Assessment Type 2: Responses to Texts (40%)
External assessment (30%)
Assessment Type 3: Examination (30%).
Students provide evidence of their learning through seven assessments, including the external assessment component. Students complete:
two tasks for the academic literacy study (one oral and one written)
four tasks for the responses to texts (at least one oral and two written)
one examination.
Relationship To Further StudyUniversity-various subjects, TAFE, Trades, employment.

PrerequisitesDesigned for students for whom English is a second language or an additional language or dialect.
All students who haven’t applied for eligibility are required to do so (Refer to Eligibility for Enrolment Guidelines: English as an Additional Language on the SACE website.). Students whose eligibility applications are approved for Stage 1 English as an Additional Language do not have to reapply for eligibility to enrol in Stage 2 English as an Additional Language.