Subject Details - Stage 1 Digital Media B

SACE StageSACE Stage 1
SACE Credits10 credits
Curriculum AreaBusiness, Enterprise & Technology
Subject Length1 semester
Contact PersonContact: Business, Enterprise & Technology Coordinator
DescriptionDigital Media A&B
Length: 1 Semesters
Aspects of this course are still to be finalized particularly in regard to the TAFE Multi-media units of competence that will be included.
This course enables students to develop skills acquired across all learning areas. Students will have an opportunity to create a project using such Media as: Still Photography, Radio, Video Narratives, Game, Websites and production of Print Media. Students will also be able to access the School’s links with community bodies eg radio and television stations for distribution of their media products.
TopicsStudents will study Digital Media involved with:
AssessmentStudents will be assessed on the critiquing, planning and production of individual or group Projects. Major components are practical tasks and Projects; Theory and written work are used to assess knowledge and understanding.
Relationship To Further StudyThis course gives students the necessary background for Stage 2 and later a Certificate course with TAFE.

Special ConditionsStudents will use the school’s computer network and media facilities. Students will be expected to adopt appropriate awareness of OHS&W issues and will need to be able to function as independent learners.