Subject Details - Stage 1 Physical Education A

SACE StageSACE Stage 1
SACE Credits10 credits
Curriculum AreaPhysical Education
Subject Length1 semester
Contact PersonMr. Hieu Nguyen
DescriptionStudents participate in an 8-week practical unit. During the unit students explore, reflect on and analyse the performance of one identified student (this can be themselves or a fellow class member). The analysis of the performance of movement concepts and strategies for the individual may include; spatial awareness, decision-making, games understanding and/or movement strategies.Students present an Engine room analysis of the individuals’ performance (e.g. a sport commentator style analysis) and reflect on ways in which performance improvement could be achieved
With a partner, students plan and conduct a 45 minute session with an appropriate sized group of students to develop a learning objective or game concept using a constraints-led approach. The students running the session record feedback (both verbal and non-verbal) throughout the session, and then reflect on this to consider changes that could be implemented to the original session to improve participation and/or performance for the group. Communication and collaboration skills is also a focus of the assessment. During the session video footage is collected for use in the response.
Students are to explore the personal, social or cultural barriers and enablers of one physical activity (that they are currently participating in) of their choice. For the chosen activity, they identify and explore the particular characteristics that are inclusive or exclusive toward certain groups of participants.
They may wish to consider one or more of the following factors:
• Physiological - age, gender, body composition, biomechanics, fitness levels
• Social – stereotypes, status, remuneration, accessibility, media
• Cultural – community values, religious beliefs.
In the response you analyse the barriers and enablers for your chosen physical activity, and propose
Topics• Constraints Approach to Peer Teaching
• ‘Engine Room’ Data and Performance Analysis
• Equity and Participation in Sport and Physical Activity

Assessment• Lesson Planning and Teaching
• Reflection and Evaluation
• Engine Room Analysis Assignment
• Assignment
Relationship To Further StudyYear 12 Physical Education
Year 12 Sports Studies

PrerequisitesA consideration for enrolment to Stage 1 Physical Education is successful completion of Physical Education at year 10, having achieved a C+ or higher and demonstrated a positive approach to both the theory and practical work. It is essential that students intending to complete Stage 2 Physical Education successfully undertake Stage 1 Physical Education in both semester 1 and semester 2.
Special ConditionsThere may be opportunities for outdoor and off-campus activities e.g. aquatics. Students need to be aware that there may be some financial costs incurred with this course.

CostsSemester 2:Year 11 Aquatics (Kayaking, Sailing and Windsurfing)
$60 (excluding GST)
Days: 3
Venue: West Lakes Aquatics