Subject Details - 10 Fit to Lead Girls

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SACE StageSACE Stage 1
SACE Credits10 credits
Curriculum AreaPhysical Education
Subject Length1 semester
Contact PersonH&PE Coordinator
DescriptionThis course aims to give students organisational and leaderships skills along with a positive insight and attitude into regular participation and involvement in physical activity. Within the course there will be a strong focus on fitness testing and fitness programing with reference to their own current fitness and fitness goals. Students will gain knowledge on specific training methods (circuit, interval continuous etc.) and principles such as specificity, progression, overload and intensity. This knowledge will help to inform their own training program which will be tailored to their fitness goals but will also have links to the sport they are participating in.

Students will participate in a chosen sport and develop the skills necessary to become an efficient player of the game and will also undertake umpiring clinics to further their knowledge and involvement in the sport.
As well as participating in sport, students will be required to teach a series of sport lessons to primary school students. Therefore, there is high demand on their knowledge of various sports and execution of these skills.

It is expected that students are able and willing to help out with VISTA and other sports the school is involved in. The capacity to which students are involved in include helping coach, umpire and taking trainings in sports the students are considered specialists in.

There is a high demand on theoretical knowledge and written work in this course regarding fitness components; training principles and methods and societal issues such as body image and perceptions and other common health related illnesses.
TopicsFitness component testing
Fitness programing
Lesson planning and teaching
Body image and health topics
Sports participation
Sport umpiring
AssessmentWorkbook and Questions
Practical Observation Checklist
Fitness analysis and fitness programming
Group and Self Reflection/Evaluation
Peer and Self-Assessment
Relationship To Further StudySuccessful completion of this unit could lead to Stage 1&2 Community Studies or a TAFE related course in Health and Recreation.
PrerequisitesA keen interest in physical activity and leadership aspirations. Needs to have achieved a B or higher grade in Physical Education in year 9. If a student wishes to be considered but achieved a grade lower than a B a meeting with the HPE coordinator and their Physical Education teacher can be arranged to discuss possible enrolment with an exceeds expectations.
CostsMinimal additional costs maybe required for excursions, event, or materials required for personal projects