Subject Details - 10 Elite Sport and Performance

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SACE StageSACE Stage 1
SACE Credits10 credits
Curriculum AreaPhysical Education
Subject Length1 semester
Contact PersonH&PE Coordinator
DescriptionThis course aims to give students organisational, leadership and communication skills with a positive insight into physical activity. The course includes a unit on fitness and training program whereby students gain knowledge and understanding of the importance of physical activity. They learn how to improve their fitness with key information given about training principles such as duration, intensity, frequency and specific training methods. With this information they learn how to develop their own 4 week training program which involves learning about and developing training sessions. Tthe course also includes a unit whereby students will learn how to format a lesson plan and how to develop a lesson plan which they will teach to their peers. Finally students will participate in a SEPEP unit whereby as a class they choose a sport of their choice and develop their own competition such as the draw, the teams, the rules and assign themselves with a duty role to assist with the running of the competition such as an equipment officer, captain, coach, umpire and scorer.
TopicsTraining Programs
Game Sense
Peer Teaching
AssessmentTraining Program
Practical participation in their Training programs and reflection
Practical participation in the SEPEP unit
Lesson plan
Teaching of lesson plan
Relationship To Further StudyYear 11 PE
Year 12 PE
Community Studies
Sport and Rec Cert II
PrerequisitesA keen interest in physical activity and leadership aspirations and at least a C grade for PE in year 8 and 9