Subject Details - 10 English

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Curriculum AreaEnglish
Subject Length2 semesters
Contact PersonEnglish Coordinator
DescriptionThis subject builds on the learning in Year 9 English and has three learning strands:
Students learn:
     to respond to a range of texts – spoken, written, visual and electronic – so that they can critically and creatively apply their understandings in their own texts.
     about a variety of texts – spoken, written, visual and electronic – so that they can use language competently to create their own spoken and written texts.
     how to use listening, speaking, reading and writing strategies to research and record information independently and in teams so that they can develop accuracy and fluency in their spoken and written communication.

Topics     Choice from a selection of themes and texts including film, novels, plays, poetry, articles, magazines, newspapers.
     Language features and writing conventions for a variety of text forms and audiences
     Variety of responses and writing skills focusing on comprehension, critical evaluation, writing from different points of view, quoting, paraphrasing, noting and summarising
     Extending written and oral presentations
     Different genres of writing for different audiences – letter, exposition, argument, narrative, recount, report

AssessmentAssessment is based on oral and written responses for different purposes and audiences, research assignments and tests.

Relationship To Further StudyStage 1 English, Apprenticeships, Trades, Traineeships, University.
CostsExcursions and Performances