Subject Details - 10 Physical Education

Curriculum AreaPhysical Education
Subject Length1 semester
Contact PersonH&PE Coordinator
DescriptionBy the end of Year 10, students propose and evaluate interventions to improve fitness and physical activity levels in their communities. They examine the role physical activity has played historically in defining cultures and cultural identities.

Students demonstrate leadership, fair play and cooperation across a range of movement and health contexts. They apply decision-making and problem-solving skills when taking action to enhance their own and others’ health, safety and wellbeing. They apply and transfer movement concepts and strategies to new and challenging movement situations. They apply criteria to make judgments about and refine their own and others’ specialised movement skills and movement performances. They work collaboratively to design and apply solutions to movement challenges.
Topics- Training Principles and Methods in SEPEP (Students develop and organise their own Sports Competition with a focus on several invasion games)
- Energy Systems and Performance in Invasion Games
- Critical Inquiry Scenarios (Students are given sporting scenarios from topics such as invasion games, net/wall games, target games and striking and fielding games to solve posed movement challenges and apply movement concepts and strategies for success)
AssessmentPractical Observation Checklists
Peer and Self Reflection
Group Work Checklists
Relationship To Further StudyThis subject will prepare students for Stage 1 Physical Education.