Subject Details - 9 Design and Technology

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Curriculum AreaBusiness, Enterprise & Technology
Subject Length1 semester
Contact PersonDesign and Technology Coordinator
DescriptionLength of course: 1 Semester. In Year 9 the subject is split between Woodwork, Metalwork, Plastics and Electronics,
CAD/CAM and a design project.
Basic Electronics – Students continue to build upon practical applications of electronic theory. They develop skills in soldering, de-soldering, identifying more electronic components, designing, making and appraising simple circuits and related products.
Metalwork – Students develop skills in the following areas: Identification of different metal types, gas welding (oxy-acetylene), spot welding, hand tools and use of specialist equipment/machines such as the pillar drill, horizontal bandsaw, metal craft bench (for scrolling and twisting metal strip), and oxy-acetylene welding units.
Plastics – Students use hand and power tools as well as specialist machinery such as the thermo former, buffing machines and CNC milling machine. They develop an appreciation of the applications and limitations of acrylic materials, high impact polystyrene as well as developing and using a variety of moulds.
Woodwork – Students develop skills using hand and power tools and more complex wood joining methods while working with timber and timber products. Students design, manufacture and appraise their practical projects.
CAD/CAMM (Computer Aided Designing, Computer Aided Manufacturing Machines). Students use 2D software to design items and then send their designs to a CNC, (computer numeric controlled) machine which manufactures their design in 3D.
Design project- Students are given a design challenge. They develop a design brief and set of specifications in order to produce a successful outcome. Students complete their project through learnt skills and knowledge acquired during the semester as well as develop project management skills.
Topics     Woodwork
     Design Project.
AssessmentMajor components are practical tasks. Theory and written work are used to assess knowledge and understanding.

Relationship To Further StudyIt is desirable for students to complete this subject successfully if they wish to take Technology subjects at Year 10 level. These subjects include;
Engineering, with a metal trade focus
Materials Products, with a woodwork focus
Electronics which includes programming
Contemporary Engineering- small object making
PrerequisitesExtremely important that students come to all classes with a willingness to demonstrate excellent health and safety practices and a desire to produce quality work.
Special ConditionsAs an OH&S requirement, students are expected to wear sturdy shoes, aprons and safety glasses when involved in any practical lessons.

All students must have agreed to the expectations and behaviour contract, (signed by their parent/guardian, themselves and their teacher), before undertaking any practical tasks.
CostsThere may be additional charges depending on the amount of consumables used.