Subject Details - 9 Japanese

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Curriculum AreaLOTE (Languages Other Than English)
Subject Length2 semesters
Contact PersonEnglish/ESL/LOTE Coordinator
DescriptionStudents study spoken and written Japanese through an activity-based approach focusing on their ability to communicate. The course includes Japanese culture, economy and geography.
TopicsSome language topics are:
     Learning about self – birthdays, personal descriptions, free time, likes and dislikes. Much of this builds on our 'About me' topic focus in Year 8.
     Time and place - learning about representations of time and date. Learning about place - directions and descriptions of environment, place vocabulary - with reference to places of cultural significance in Japan as well as places of significance in our daily lives.
     Special focus will be given to enhancing students’ literacy in hiragana, while developing their understanding and knowledge of katakana and kanji.
AssessmentAssessment will include conversation, oral presentation, correspondence and written responses to determine understanding of language and culture.

Relationship To Further StudyYear 10 Japanese