Subject Details - 9 Science

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Curriculum AreaScience
Subject Length2 semesters
Contact PersonScience Coordinator
DescriptionScience provides students of all capabilities the opportunity to develop an understanding of important science concepts, processes used to develop scientific knowledge, of science’s contribution to our culture and society, and its applications in our lives.

Students gain an understanding of the scientific approach to problem solving and how to plan and conduct their own scientific experiments to test hypotheses. They analyse data and apply their scientific knowledge to evaluate results provides a structure within specific content is presented.
TopicsIn Year 9, students explain chemical processes and natural radioactivity in terms of atoms and energy transfers and describe examples of important chemical reactions. They describe models of energy transfer and apply these to explain phenomena. They explain global features and events in terms of geological processes and timescales. They analyse how biological systems function and respond to external changes with reference to interdependencies, energy transfers and flows of matter. They describe social and technological factors that have influenced scientific developments and predict how future applications of science and technology may affect people’s lives.

Topics are based around content descriptors specified in the Australian Curriculum, including:

Physical Science
• Energy Transfer and Transformation
Chemical Science
• Chemical Reactions
• Radioactivity
Biological Science
• Homeostasis
• Ecosystems
Earth and Space Science
• Plate Tectonics

AssessmentAssessment is based on practical tasks, research assignments, tests, oral presentations and displays.
Relationship To Further StudyA good understanding of the key concepts in Year 9 Science provides the best preparation for satisfactory enrolment in Year 10 Science.
Special ConditionsAll students must have access to a Pen, Pencil, Ruler, Sharpener, Scientific Calculator and USB
Desired Extra- Access to a laptop with internet access and Google Classroom.