Subject Details - 9 English as an Additional Language (EALD)

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Curriculum AreaEnglish
Subject Length2 semesters
Contact PersonEnglish/ESL/LOTE Coordinator
DescriptionThis subject is designed for students from non-English speaking backgrounds. They are taught the rules of constructing language for different purposes and in various contexts. They develop their ability in English through reading, writing, speaking, listening and interpreting information.

Topics     Text production
     Texts on anti-racism, anti-bullying
     Issues analysis based on novels, films, plays, personal experience, newspapers, tv programs
     Research on interests/ people/ cultures /food /Harmony Day
     Language conventions and features
     Different genres of writing for different audiences – letter, exposition, argument, narrative, recount, report

AssessmentAssessment is based on written and oral responses, research assignments and tests.

Relationship To Further StudyESL year 10
PrerequisitesMust come from a non-English speaking background in the home.