Trade Schools for the Future

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Parafield Gardens High School and Craigmore High School are Trade Schools for the Future Lead Schools. Trade Schools for the Future enable young people in the Northern Region to gain practical skills for work while they are still at school. Trade Schools for the Future deliver hands-on, practical training in areas where skilled people are needed. At the same time, students are able to achieve their South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) while learning skills and working toward industry-accredited qualifications.

Students will be better prepared to take on apprenticeships and skilled jobs in areas that include manufacturing and engineering. The Trade Schools are able to tap into TAFE and other vocational education and training organisations to provide students with nationally accredited and industry recognised courses.

If you become a Trade School student, you will do an apprenticeship or training while still at school, spending your week days involved in a combination of school, work and skills training at TAFE or other training provider. A school-based apprenticeship gives you a head start towards your chosen career. This includes valuable, hands-on industry experience which will ensure you have a better chance of entering the workforce.

You will have a teacher to support you as a ‘School to Work’ case manager. ‘School to Work’ Apprenticeship Brokers based at each trade school help connect you with local industry and business. They work to increase the number of apprenticeships and skilled job opportunities available for all trade school students. The Apprenticeship Brokers also make sure that contracts of training for young people like you are fair and reasonable for everyone involved. They work with employers and training providers to support you in completing your apprenticeship after you leave school.

As a Trade School student you will undertake trade skills studies under a contract of training as an Australian School Based Apprentice. The contract of training sets out your conditions of employment while involved in the Trade School program. The aim is to ensure all young people involved obtain skills, work and careers that have a real future, while industry and South Australia build a better skilled workforce.