Tertiary Entrance Requirements

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Students who complete the SACE are eligible for university entry, provided they meet certain requirements. For university entry, students need to achieve 80 credits at Stage 2, including three 20-credit Stage 2 subjects. The final Stage 2 credits can be gained in a variety of ways defined by the universities. Universities also specify required subjects for some of their courses.

All university courses are applied for through SATAC and require the applicant to -

  • Obtain a TER (Tertiary Entrance Rank – this is calculated by comparing the moderated aggregate scores of all students in the state who qualify for a TER and placing them in order. For example, a TER of 80 means that this student has 80% of the state’s students below him/her on the list.)
  • Meet the TAS requirements of the course
  • Meet any prerequisite subject requirements. (Students should also meet the assumed subject recommendations.)

Further information can and should be accessed from the SATAC University Guide.

To obtain a TER, a student must -

  • Qualify for the SACE
  • Comply with the precluded combination and counting restriction rules.

All three universities operate bonus point schemes designed to provide students from disadvantaged schools or background assistance in gaining access to courses. Students from Parafield Gardens High School will automatically gain some bonus points.

Bonus points may also be awarded to students who undertake certain subjects. Adelaide University offers 2 bonus points to any student who achieves 10/20 or better in Specialist Maths. The University of SA offers 2 bonus points for a pass in any Maths.

Further information about SATAC requirements and Bonus Point Schemes can be found in the SATAC University Guide, the Tertiary Entrance Booklet, or by speaking to the SACE Coordinator.


TAFE SA recognises the SACE as meeting the entry requirements for most of its courses. It also considers a variety of other qualifications and experiences in its entry and selection processes.

Many TAFE courses must also be applied for through SATAC, and applicants must meet the minimum entry requirements (MER) for their chosen course. (This information is available in the TAFE Course and Admissions Guide).

Where there are more eligible applicants than places in a TAFE course, the TAFE MER (based on the student’s best three Stage 2 subject results) may be used in conjunction with other appropriate information (eg interviews, VET competencies).