Philosophy and Objectives

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We believe

Our school is about Quality Learning for Quality Futures. We are a vibrant learning community that aims to meet the needs of all students regardless of background. We believe in developing the skills and aspirations of all our students. We believe in challenging our students and have high expectations of them. We believe all students should experience success in their learning. We promote and nurture the wellbeing of each student. We aim to develop the concept and responsibilities of the ‘global citizen’. We aim that every student will develop a pathway that leads to a quality future.

Our goals

  • Positive relationships are nurtured. All members of the school learning community feel valued, safe, supported and respected.
  • Learning connects with students’ backgrounds and experiences. Students will develop their sense of place in the local, regional and global community.
  • We have high expectations that we are successful in our learning. Students are encouraged to value learning and develop the skills that enable them to be successful. Our curriculum is meaningful, challenging and student-centred.
  • There is a commitment to flexibility and innovation around learning and the decision-making and structures that support learning.
  • Students will develop pathways appropriate to their interests, skills and aspirations.
  • All students will have a pathway plan when they leave our school.

Our values

Be compassionate; treat others with understanding and acceptance. Care for the school environment, your own and the property of others. Be positive, participate and strive to be the best you can possibly be now and for the future. Persevere when things are difficult, it will lead to greater success. Be inspired to motivate yourself and others.